Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little bites of heaven

It's been far to long away from the blog world! This have been happening and changing and i'm loving it all. Last night i was in the mood for muffins for breakfast for the rest of the week and just had to make them. Luckily i always have baking needs on hand for one of my just in case moments. Don't forget the little things such as a good muffin in the morning to help get you out the door.

Thanks to my mom for always teaching me how to cook and the importance of homemade goodies!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Rachelle and I with our Gondolier in the back ground. The gang on the boat over the Venice

Action shot in St. Marco square

Team USA with the night shot. Me on a bridge looking at the Grand Canal.

So this year the cool thing to do if you were in Europe and on the Skeleton team was going to Venice. There were three different groups that at one point or another were in Venice. We all ended up having a few days off here and there are made our way to Venice. We again on EC 09 went with our Canadian boys and had a great day! The city is amazing and i would love to go back during another trip and spend some more time there! The history and the atmosphere there are soooo much fun! It was an amazing day!!

Last day in the Swiss Alps :(

For our last day in the Swiss Alps we continued our relations with the Canadians and went for a day of sledding. We went to the train station and got our 'rodels' (sleds) as we call them here on the west side... The sledding was about 11km long and it was great. I learned the hard way once that when you need goggles you never have them in Europe so now i travel with them during the season. They as always turned out to be very handy as it started snowing pretty soon after we got started. We had a great time!! But it was sad to leave after
all of the fun!!!!

At the end of our sledding we were all pretty tuckered out but had to go to the 'Ice Bar'
And I had never in my life seen so many pairs of Moon Boots.... It was mind blowing!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Adverntures in Switzerland

The first couple of days we were here is snowed oh so very much and training was canceled. Daly decided that he didn't feel like wearing a shirt towards the end of cleaning off the car.

We couldn't help ourselves by hiding Rachelle in the snow by our cars. Sander and I got in a pretty good snow fight and the last picture is where the four of us lived for the week we were in St. Moritz. 2 boys, 2 girls= one pretty big disaster!

All in all we had a pretty good week. We watched a lot of the original X-Men the cartoon so much better now that i'm older! We also had some good international bonding going on between us the American's and the Canadian staying across the way. We went to a fantastic outdoor pool and spa that was just what we needed for a nice relaxing day!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

St. Moritz

Sipping cocoa at the Bob Cafe

It was really really cold for our races

Rachelle has really good camera skills!

Horseshoe... We didn't get along the greatest but my last run we had a good time! Can't wait for the next adventure there!

St. Moritz i sone of the most amazing places that i have been too and been able to slide on! The track is so smooth and i know from first hand experience as i crashed there and slid on my stomach without my sled under me for a couple of curves. Towards the bottom of the track you know that you are going so fast and just holding on for dear life. It was a pretty good week that we were there even with my crashing moments! But i love the track!!!

Get excited

So as I aim to please I have been quite the slacker of sorts lately and not updated since the start of the new year and that was nearly 5 months ago... Over the next few days I will be posting what has been happening the last little bit and showing some of the things that I did this season. So mom get super excited!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Where did 2008 go????

Wow so 2008 went by all to fast there have been oh so very many things that happened so i'm going to do a quick year in review...

~ as always we started off the year right with the New Years Day dinner, it was Haley's first time
~ i competed in the America's Cup tour and medaled in most of the race
~ i had purple hair for a while, which turned to pink, and then silver. Quite fun!
~ Haley turned 23 and we had a great party at our house in which i baked the most amazing cake
~ i competed in Jr. World Championships in Igls, Austria and loved it
~ in our old house the ceiling collapsed in my bedroom and i slept on the couch for a few week or at Brad and Kimbers house as their adopted little sis
~ our baby moose at the UOP came to stop by a few times by my office
~ i turned 22. Had a nice dinner with family and friends
~ went to NYC with Annie after our last America's Cup race and stayed with her family for a few days in Long Island
~ went to San Fransisco with Bryce's orchestra tour as a 'chaperone' ( i was the kids favorite!)
~ Bryce started driving
~ got a good work day in fixing up Grandma Joy's house
~ Bryce made my back window explode with a tiller :)
~ i went to Arizona to stay with Val and Dentons kids for a few days
~ Haley got baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (June 7th)
~ Haley and i moved closer to the U
~ took a road trip with mom and Ciara to San Diego. They drove down with me so i would not be alone on the drive
~ i spent 2 1/2 months in San Diego training at the Olympic Training Center
~ i made some really good friends that have kept me going through the rough patch of the season so far
~ i split my chin open and got stitches for the first time
~ got to spend a lot of good fun times with Austin and his wife Regina
~ Haley started Law school at the U
~ Micah started walking
~ went back to Lake Placid for team trials
~ the Skeleton season started back up again and i competed in America's Cup and the Europa Cup

There were oh so very many other things that happened and it is just so hard to believe that another year has come again. I will be turning 23 in just a couple of months and that is sooo scary for some reason. I still love where i am in life, but growing up is a strange feeling! I am so very excited for the things that i have in my life! I have some really good friends and an amazing family! Thanks Haley for being my person even from across the world! Mom you know that i will always look to you for help in everything! You always know when something is going on even when i hide it very well!

I can't wait for the fun adventure that 2009 will bring! There are oh so very many things that I already can't wait to happen!